If a big traditional wedding is not for you and just want a special wedding day that is just about you and your significant other, our elopement packages may be the dream option you have been looking for. We offer two elopement packages filled with romance, adventure, memorable moments and editorial style photographs. It’s your wedding, have it your way.


An elopement is an intimate wedding with usually just the couple present. Focusing on your love story and it is really all about reflecting your personality and what’s true to you. With an elopement you get to create your own narrative and share intimate moments with your significant other that can be missed when couples get caught up hosting a big wedding day. Ask any couple that has been married and they’ll tell you, “make sure you counter in some time with just you and your partner as the wedding day goes so fast”

Well, our elopements offer that. Time together, memorable moments with romance and fun all-in-one. And while you’re soaking it all in, you get a dedicated photographer to capture all of these special moments for you to share and reminisce together forever. Elopements are a great alternative if you don’t feel like the idea that a big traditional wedding is for you and who you are as a couple. It’s your wedding experience, have it your way.

Your elopement is all about YOU. No fuss & intimate



What are The Perks Of Doing An Elopement?

  • Your wedding, your way – focusing on you and your significant other rather than everyone else
  • Create your elopement wedding for just you and your lover OR share the experience with your children OR include up to 10 of your closest loved ones – there’s no rules but it is usually under 10 guests
  • You are free to do whatever feels most authentic to you
  • No need to please anyone except yourselves
  • You get to spend quality time together, all captured in the extra photo coverage
  • We take care of all the nitty gritty details for your elopement timeline – finding locations for your photos and more.
  • A day filled with adventure and more photo coverage to capture all of the fun while you soak it all in
  • There won’t be an unnecessarily high budget associated with big (traditional) weddings – instead, consider spending that towards an epic honeymoon or putting it towards your future together.

Some of our couples have chosen to share their elopement ceremony with their children and have then gone off to enjoy their wedding photoshoot and other couples have chosen to keep their elopement all about each other with no guests involved. We also have other PWC couples that have their Perth elopement first and then they have an intimate reception to share the celebrations with their friends and family members later on in the evening on the same day or at a later date. These Elopement packages offer an opportunity to celebrate you, both as a couple and share an intimate ceremony exchanging your personal vows to then to go off and continue the celebrations with your day filled with fun, romance and adventure with more photo coverage time with your dedicated wedding photographer to capture these special moments for you to relive over and over again. Making your elopement truly about you without the pressure of pleasing anyone else!




If you have chosen an elopement, you are wanting to choose your own narrative for your overall wedding experience. The day is merely about you and the love of your life and no-one else. By choosing our elopements, we’ll spend time getting to know you and your preferences for your photo timeline. You then get to marry the love of your life in a special, private and intimate ceremony and we take of everything else – that’s when the adventure begins.



You deserve to shine on your wedding day. With the extra photo coverage with your dedicated wedding photographer – we get the chance to capture your love story. And while you are soaking all of that love in, we will be capturing all of the special moments as they happened that you will both share together on the day. Photos are an investment and this gives you an opportunity to cherish your wedding day and reminisce in future with these images and moments created.



We’re a team filled with hopeless romantics that love LOVE and want to learn all about your love story so we can create your elopement day filled with adventure, fun and and lots of laughs! You will have your dedicated wedding coordinator to secure your wedding vendors for the day and plan and coordinate your special elopement with an intimate ceremony then your post ceremony adventure and photo timeline, your wedding photographer will be there for a total of 3 hours to capture your natural and chic photos, a personal driver to take to your special wedding photo locations and more! Think of this wedding elopement experience about being the ultimate date day where you get to marry the love of your life and get an epic day filled with adventure wrapped into one!



We may deep dive into the little things and special moments that lead to your love story. From how you two met, to your favourite places in Perth. We can then create your unique elopement true to you both a s couple. Every elopement is unique and personalised to each couple. Adding personal touches to your elopement to showcase your love story!

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